Remote Employees

10 good reasons to get your remote employees a workspace at COWORK in Grenoble

Set your company up for expatriate success.
Your expat employee immediately becomes a part of our community, reducing emotional stress – one of the main reasons behind failed expat assignments.

Give your employee a friendly, motivating home base to work from.
Going ‘to the office’ rather than working alone from home is a great way for your remote workers to maintain their edge.

Make quality of life a part of the package.
Grenoble, in the French Alps, is a vibrant mountain community offering arts, culture, and outdoor activities for all tastes.

Tread lightly on the planet.
Cowork in Grenoble is easily accessible by public transport, on foot, or by bike, in one of France’s bike-friendliest towns.

Harness the productivity of a diverse team.
Your remote worker will be surrounded by a broad range of professionals with skills in a variety of fields – a stimulating environment designed to make everyone more productive.

Don’t let gender stand in the way.
Whether your remote worker is male or female, our community provides a welcoming environment.

Boost your image as an employer
Make your company known as a great place to work by offering a healthy, productive working environment – and keep top talent right where you need it!

Provide a professional environment for customer meetings and sales appointments
Cowork in Grenoble offers a modular shared office space, common lounge area, and conference room – a variety of spaces for a range of work-related needs.

Streamline equipment costs
At Cowork in Grenoble, Wi-Fi, photocopiers, and printers are provided at no additional cost.

Office equipment on demand
We can provide additional equipment like a flat screen, IP line or VPN. Just ask and we’ll install it.

Give your remote employee a great place to work!
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